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As Kansas City's original night time market, KC Night Market has become an iconic celebration of community, cuisine, and culture infused with nightlife. Having worked with over 140 different vendors across all our events, this vibrant marketplace attracts more and more guests each time. Beyond the array of diverse vendors, the Night Market serves as a vital platform for local businesses, curating a stage for the rich talents within our local community. By shining a spotlight on local businesses we not only celebrate the unique cultural of Kansas City, but also strive to contribute to the economic vitality of our artisans.


This communal gathering becomes a shared space where residents and visitors converge, fostering a sense of togetherness while celebrating their differences. KC Night Market's support of local small businesses goes beyond commerce; it becomes a testament to the resilience and creativity embedded in the community, showcasing the craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit of KC.



KC Night Market Version 13 will be back at Crossroads Hotel to bring you another installment of your favorite Night Market

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