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Thanks for submitting!

Sorry! The time to apply to be a vendor for this Night Market has expired. We are no longer accepting applications for this iteration. We will reopen vendor applications when our next Night Market date is announced.

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Please Read:

1. This Night Market event

    is on a FRIDAY. Even

    better a FIRST FRIDAY!

    JULY 7th! We

    have some exciting

    things planned for this.

    Space is limited, so

    please apply right away.

3.  If approved, you will be

    asked to pay your

    vendor fee ($150),

    within 48hrs. If more

    time is needed let us

    know so that we can

    work with you, and not

    grant your spot to

    another vendor.

4. Once all vendors are

    selected we will send

    out an email with all the

    details that will be

    needed by our vendors.

    If you are not selected 

    as a vendor you will

    receive an email as well.

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